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Home Maintenance: 5 Jobs You Should Leave to the Pros

Did you know that 1/3 of homeowners need to have emergency maintenance performed on their home each year? And that the average cost is over $1,000, which does not include regular repairs?

That’s right, home maintenance is a part of the price of owning a residence, something you may not think about when you switch from renting to buying.

If your home needs repairs, trying to do it yourself can cause more harm and more money. That’s why it is best to leave these 5 jobs to the professionals.

1. Electrical Work

When it comes to home maintenance jobs this one might be the most difficult. Electrical work requires a mastery of wires and circuits unknown to the layman.

If you try to fix more than a light bulb you could potentially harm yourself and ruin your entire electrical system. Play it safe by calling a certified electrician to get the job done safely and correctly.

2. Tiling

Some maintenance jobs look easy enough but they actually take years of experience to perfect. Tiling is one of those jobs that looks simple and almost fun.

However, even general contractors have trouble getting floors to look flawless. This is because there is a lot of measuring and preparation to be done, from leveling the floor to cutting tiles for edging.

3. Knocking Down Walls

Having an open floor plan or removing that extra hall closet might be a dream of yours but it could be a major hazard if not done right.

Ripping down walls requires an inspection first to see if it is load barring or contains hidden plumbing or electrical wires. Getting a professional to clear the wall for removal is essential. Then maybe you can ask to knock it down with their assistance.

4. Major Landscaping

Light landscaping may not be a tricky task if all you want to do is start a flower garden. However, lawn care for a high maintenance landscape may be in the need of a pro.

For example, if you have a large lawn then cutting, fertilizing, and controlling bugs and weeds is time-consuming. Check the Gastonia City Page for a full-service lawn service to make life easy.

And if you have a complex landscaping idea like adding water features, intricate hedges, or luxurious walkways then you need major planning. Hire a landscaper to do the layout, design, and work for you.

5. Plumbing

Home services like plumbing are a necessity because the last thing you want is to flood your own house. That is because internal plumbing is just as complicated as your electrical grid.

With one wrong twist of a wrench, you could have broken pipes and water damage to fix.

Home Maintenance Done Right

The bottom line when it comes to home maintenance is that there are things you can and can not fix yourself. It is best to pay someone else to do it so that more problems do not arise.

For jobs that you can do yourself check out our Home and Garden section.


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