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How much does venture X cost?

Recently, many business professionals and entrepreneurs are getting drawn toward coworking spaces and offices, aside from the fact that it helps them save costs greatly. With coworking space, the work environment is now conducive, collaborative, stimulating, inspiring, and can accommodate different individuals of like minds.

Venture X is one of the leading coworking space providers in the country. It provides office space such as executive suites and virtual office services. They also allow members to purchase private membership, which gives them access to their choice of space- whether private or open spaces. Those interested in starting a coworking business also offer an amazing franchise business model. Visit any Venture X Franchise website to learn more about its franchise opportunity.

Benefits of owning a Venture X Franchise

Venture X is of many advantages for business owners and even startup entrepreneurs. Below are some of these advantages:

  • Venture X helps startup entrepreneurs to own a business in a fast-growing industry. With their franchising model, it is easier to build a customer avatar and grow your business as soon as you start.
  • Venture X gives room for multiple sources of income such as conference room rentals, community membership fees, event space rentals, and mailbox rental fees. It also helps you streamline your target market.
  • Franchisees also get access to mentorship and networking with experts and like minds.

Costs of Venture X Franchise

The financial requirements for owning a Venture X franchise are the following:

  • Liquid capital or cash required: This is the available amount of money a franchisee should possess or can readily access without taking traditional loans, such as retirement plans or stocks. Owning a Venture X franchise requires a minimum of $250,000.
  •  Networth: This refers to the total value of your assets, such as properties, cash, or savings, without adding liabilities and debts. A minimum of $1,000,000 is required to purchase a Venture X franchise.
  • Franchise fee: This is the fee you pay to the franchising company to enable you to operate the franchise. A franchise fee of $60,000 is required to purchase a Venture X franchise.
  • Total investment: This is the total amount a franchisee should pay overtime to buy the franchise operational. This fee is about $360,000 – $3,600,000.
  • Venture X can also provide financing to the franchisee and give a 10% discount to veterans.

While some franchisors go through third-party sources of finance where qualified franchisees are referred, others provide in-house financing.

The Future of Venture X Coworking Franchise

Going by the above cost of purchasing a Venture X franchise, it is only right that any smart investor research the future of such an investment and decide if it’s worth buying.

Coworking has been predicted to be the next great evolution in business. With that in mind, Venture X has been collaborating with other businesses already.

Coworking space gives room for entrepreneurs to build their business in the location of their choice. It offers flexible schedules and telecommuting. With this, people can work whenever and wherever they want. This is why the number of people coworking worldwide has been predicted to double by 2024.

Also, it has been predicted that half of the American workforce will be freelancers by 2027. This emerging workforce would require a modern work environment that meets the demands of business, which is flexibility and high-end technologies. This is where Venture X would be of high advantage. Different professionals will depend on the sophisticated infrastructure and facilities needed to grow their businesses.

Just like home-sharing and ride-sharing, Venture X co-working space franchises make the process of renting a workspace simpler and stress-free. Members are allowed to pay for their choice of space and required time. They also get to choose from a wide range of services.

With the above advantages and the promising future of Venture X, now is the right time to be a business owner. Venture X is there to help you with different training and support, such as marketing support, start-up support, and ongoing support.

Venture X is not meant for the tech industries alone; it offers numerous advantages to a wide range of members, including remote workers, freelancers, professionals, and teams from large companies.

Many businesses are now investing in a healthy workspace. Your Venture X franchisees can take advantage of this new trend to show off the benefits of their health and wellness location. These benefits could be an outdoor space; a hosted event to eat healthy foods, exercise equipment, and so on.


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