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How to Build Superfast Website with Dedicated Server in USA?

Do you want to build your website superfast? Yes of course. Everyone wants their website to load in just a few seconds. Google ranking algorithm also says that if your websites load in 2-3 sec that great impact on your Goggle Ranking. Higher page speed is very crucial to users because it provides a better on-page user experience.

Page speed is defined as how long it takes to load your website content or images on a specific page. As per the research of Amazon, Every 100ms the load time of your website increases which has a 1% impact on the income. Your website should load in 2 seconds to avoid losing your potential customer.

So, today we will learn how to increase the page speed of your website and how a dedicated server in USA plays an important role in website page speed.

Factor To Increases Your Website Page Speed

You can easily measure your page speed by using Google PageSpeed Insights. Google itself provides you tools to evaluate your website page speed. If you want to increase the speed of your page then you must consult your tech team because some changes are needed in your website backend to increase the speed of your page.

  1. Compress Your Images
  2. Use Premium Web Hosting Services
  3. Use Fewer Redirections
  4. Remove Unnecessary JavaScript
  5. Leverage Browser Caching 

Highlights To Dedicated Server

As we know that, Web hosting plays a vital role for every website. Your website must be hosted on high-performing web hosting which is provided by a trustworthy web hosting provider. We have had a good experience with web hosting, However, we recommended you most exclusive and premium web hosting that is Dedicated Server in USA.

Dedicated Server is the most exclusive and highly demanding web hosting in USA which is available in premium than other web hosting like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. This web hosting is most loyal and offers personalized services to their clients.

Dedicated Server in USA offers you dedicated space to keep your server resources like RAM, Storage, Hard Disk, and Operating System. Therefore, It allows you to customize your web hosting as per your business requirements. 

Top Exciting Benefits of Using Dedicated Server USA

Now this question must arise in your mind that how a dedicated server in Kolkata helps in making your website super fast. No matter how good or bad the content in your website is, it matters a lot how long your website takes to load that content.

Here we discussed the reasons to purchase a dedicated server in USA:

  • Great Performance 

In Dedicated Server, you are the single owner of your web hosting that is no other website disrupts your privacy. Therefore, it offers great performance.

  • Highly Reliable

Your Bare Metal Server is high efficient for handling big applications. No other tenant will host your website that can help to improve reliability.

  • Complete Access

A dedicated Server in USA provides access to the server. You can easily manage your server resources as per your business needs.

  • Super Secured

Don’t worry about your security with a dedicated server in USA. This server provides you with next-level security features to secure your data.

  • Easy To Customize

Your web hosting provider allows you to customize your server. This is the biggest advantage of using a dedicated server in USA.

How To Get Started With Serverwala Dedicated Server in USA?

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is the most prestigious organization of Dedicated servers in Kolkata. It is the fastest-growing company in the web hosting industry. They diversify their services in Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and WordPress Hosting.

Serverwala’s Dedicated Server is the most powerful way to accelerate your business growth. They have owned 56+ worldwide datacenter, handled 1M+ clients requests, present in 21+ countries. 

Just look at some advantages of choosing Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in USA :

  • Robust Network
  • 24/7 Experienced Technical Support
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Network Uptime
  • Optimal Performance
  • Providing Root Level Access
  • SSD Disk Storage
  • Advanced Features of Security
  • Available in Multiple Operating System (Windows / Linux)
  • Premium Bandwidth 

If you need super-fast website speed and desire to load your website in just a few seconds then Serverwala Cloud Data Center Offers the most attractive deal with you. You can grasp this opportunity instantly and make your website speed super fast. 

Pricing and Plans of Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Hence, Let’s give some highlights into the most attractive pricing and packages of Serverwala’s Dedicated Server.

Final Thought!

However, Your website speed is directly proportional to your business profits. You can increase your earnings by using a premium dedicated server in USA. Serverwala Cloud Data Center is the recognized organization offering the most effective dedicated server which helps to make your website super fast. If you are looking for superfast Webhosting then you must explore Serverwala Cloud Data  


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