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How to Do B2B Prospecting Like a Pro

No matter if you are selling in a good economy or a poor economy, lead generation is a tough job. If your pipeline seems low or empty, there is no better time to be prospecting. For ultimate success, sales and marketing teams must always be b2b prospecting.

A recent survey suggests that 40% of salespeople cite finding leads as the toughest part of the job. If you find lead generation a challenge, then we have some golden advice we want to share.

Ready to learn how to do some b2b prospecting like a pro? Without further ado, let’s go!

Connect with a Decision-Maker Via Email

One of the original tactics for digital b2b prospecting is cold emailing because it is scalable, reliable, and personal. Businesses in every industry rely upon email to fill their pipeline. It can work for you, too.

There are lots of application tools and techniques that can help you source company email addresses. When you have a list of b2b decision-maker email addresses, you can set up a cold email with either a CRM tool or an email automation tool.

Build Your Personal Brand Via LinkedIn

Of all social platforms, LinkedIn is king for b2b prospecting. For social selling, LinkedIn is 100% the ideal platform. You can connect with b2b prospects specific to your market.

If you find no one is reading your sales pitch, then you want to become a thought leader through educating, sharing insights, and posting industry-related updates. That is what prospects and customers care about.

You can build a following and grow your brand awareness with LinkedIn. B2b lead generation will be easier because of your presence on this stellar b2b social media platform.

Discover Changes in Decision-Makers

When a job change occurs, this is a hot time to contact a prospect. A new person in the seat of the decision-maker means they will review current vendors. They will add and subtract vendors as they see fit because they are going to want to show that they can dominate their new role.

Of all b2b prospecting techniques, this one is all about timing. You want to reach out in the first 30 or 60 days that a person takes on a new position.

It is easy to do if you have the right b2b prospecting tools to work with. We recommend you do a quick comparison of UserGems vs ZoomInfo.

Leverage Blogging, White Papers, and Webinars

There are some inbound methods that can help you b2b prospect like a boss. You can work collectively with marketing to run a content asset-based method of collecting inbound prospects and their contact information.

Ready for B2B Prospecting?

Now that we have shared some solid advice on cold emails, building your personal brand, finding changes to decision-makers, and leveraging content-based methods for inbound leads, we know you will be b2b prospecting like a pro in no time!

For more fresh tips in the areas of business, technology, marketing, and more, visit us again soon for the latest articles.


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