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How to Use Technology at your Next Exhibition

Exhibitions bring people and businesses within a specific field to showcase their products or services and establish connections. Exhibitions range from small, niche local events to massive international trade fairs. They are held in exhibition centers, conference halls, and hotels. Exhibitions are available for every sector – from fashion to food and drinks you are sure to locate an event suitable to promote your business.

With the use of technology meetings and exhibitions are becoming more advanced and beneficial for businesses. Today, tablets are not an entertainment device for leisure time and are a true tool for productivity, especially at work. Tablets are a fantastic device for productivity as taking notes while visiting clients is much easier with tablets. They are less heavy to carry around while traveling and, in general, less expensive than laptops, but they can still do the job! You can rent a iPad and tablets for your next business event to enjoy these benefits:

For Visualization to Create wow Factor

“Two that are among the highest frequently requested technologies for meetings I’ve observed in the present are high-end visualization, particularly for large venues and events that top-quality production companies manage. And for smaller spaces, It’s collaboration.

Touchscreen technology has surpassed smartphones, tablets, iPods, and smartphones to bigger screens and interactive tabletops for meetings. High-definition digital screens let you interact and communicate with participants with greater ease and in a more interactive way, even on a massive scale.

To Make Meetings more Engaging

Smart meeting rooms may benefit from AI or VR to enhance the experience for the attendees. It is particularly beneficial for the communication process and increases the participation of the attendees.

For team members who work remotely or aren’t able to make it to offices, virtual reality gives them the possibility of feeling like they’re part of the space. Employees can also participate in meetings with clients on-site and experience the same feeling of being immersed if they were together in the room. This allows employees to stay on track and not become distracted as they might in traditional meetings. Smart meeting rooms can have recording technologies to create videos of high-quality that can be helpful for those who cannot attend the meeting at the time.

Make the most of your Downtime

Several countries are witnessing restrictions being lifted, meaning salespeople will schedule face-to-face meetings with customers again.

This also means you’re likely to spend in meetings, or waiting rooms, or the lobbies of your business. With tablets, you can use this time to access your applications, check emails, or even write. While you can do similar things with laptops, however, a tablet is smaller and simpler to carry when you’re on the move.

This is particularly true when you’re not able to take a seat (in an underground train that is jammed for instance) or at a cafe or restaurant that isn’t able to accommodate you at tables, or if you’re standing in a place just waiting on the one, you’re scheduled to meet to show up.

Cloud computing

The improvements that have occurred in cloud computing over the last few years have made it now much simpler to connect several computers on the same network. They easily create content that is shared among all the company’s employees. A few of the more well-known instances can be Google Drive. Makes sure instead that all files are automatically saved and are shared across networks.

This could solve various issues that have been a source of frustration for many office employees’ lives. It is no longer the norm that employees write identical and sometimes confused emails to send different documents.

Benefits of Split View

Split View and Slide over were two major features added to iOS. The first-time users could use two applications side-by-side with their tablets. While you’re taking notes at meetings, you can switch your mail application to open the relevant customer’s email. In the modern business world, we still print hundreds of emails.

Remote Desktop Access

If you’ve had your laptop in your home and need to access data that isn’t stored within the cloud. You may use the remote desktop to see the primary computer on your iPad. Microsoft Remote Desktop is a cost-free and simple-to-use iOS application that allows remote access to your computer.

With powerful apps installed with your iPad and the appropriate accessories, and the ability to access your desktop remotely. It is transformed from a simple tablet to an extremely powerful business instrument.


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