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Here Are Some Illegal Dumping Facts Everyone Should Know About

Living in a clean and healthy the environment is a desire of every human. None of you will ever wish to live in a place where everything from air to water is contaminated with undesired materials. Awful disposing of trash is an alarming issue that is polluting the environment on a large scale. It is not only a health hazard but also against the law. In almost every developed country, there are strict rules regarding this. Hence, it is recommended to contact the best junk removal services in Vallejo CA and get rid of your household junk in an effective, environmentally-friendly way.

Throwing off old households, green trash, and other rubbish in a greater amount than litter on footpaths, parks, or any other land which is not approved for it by the municipal committee is termed as dumping or fly-tipping. It was highly increased in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic. The reasons for dumping vary from person to person but the most common cause is the unavailability of legal options for the disposal of trash.

If you are habitual to doing fly-tipping, then be aware it’s a crime and it will cost you a heavy fine and in some cases prison too. Here is a list of facts related to tipping, everyone should be aware of.


  • According to LDIW 2020 survey, Humans created 2.12 billion of waste annually out of which 1.5 million waste is dumped by Americans each year.
  • Each year more than 1000,000 illegally dumping incidents are dealt with by councils which are nearly equal to 114 incidents per hour.  

Accessibility to the Services of Waste Management

In every country, some specific services are provided by the government to common people that assist them to deal with different types of wastes. Here are some stats regarding these services’ accessibility.

  • According to NCBI, about 2 billion people have no access to waste collection services.
  • Over 3 billion people lack an approach to controlled disposal of trash.
  • The most familiar cause of dumping is absence of legal or approved sites for waste disposal
  • There 32% businesses are unaware of fine values for fly tipping

Most Dumped Items

Illegally dumped trash mostly contain green trash (fruits and vegetables), old households which are useless, different appliances, construction materials, and office raw materials

Age Factor 

According to an environmental protection department survey conducted in 2019  people under the age circle, 18-29 are involved in doing illegal dumping or fly-tipping more likely, the reason is that people of this age are not well aware of services of local waste collection than people of any other age by 48%.

Outcomes and Consequences 

  • Throwing waste into water causes water to stagnant which is a high hazard to the environment and aquatic life. Mosquitos regenerate faster in stagnant water as the rate of multiplication increased 100 times than normal water 
  • The area affected by illegal dumping cause a serious decline in the property values of the community exist in the surroundings of that area 
  • The origin of 80% of water pollution is illegal dumping because a high amount of pollutants Are driven to the oceans through rivers and other water bodies from the mainland.

Fines and Penalties

Illegal dumping is considered a major and serious crime in most countries and very costly. As stated above, if someone gets caught illegally dumping, they may have to face heavy fines of up to 1000 dollars and in some cases prison time also. The penalties of doing illegal dumping are different in different countries depending upon the rules and regulations.

Health Hazards 

Illegal dumping plays a poisonous role for the people living in the surroundings. Chemicals from the piles of wastes, fluids present in vehicles, batteries, and other appliances pollute the water bodies. Construction waste is responsible for cancer and other lung infections of the people continually facing this environment.  

Effects on Environment

Illegal dumping highly negatively influences the environment, As the poisonous chemicals from non-biodegradable materials leach into the soil and cause spoilage of groundwater. Wildlife is also badly affected by the illegal disposal of wastes because the huge piles of wastes and chemicals present in them combine to cause fire hazards.

Now that you know the facts regarding illegal dumping, don’t throw wastes everywhere as it contaminates your environment with harmful materials, meanwhile costing you some high fines as well. Follow the best advice of hiring a junk removal company. Once you have hired a professional company like 3 Kings Hauling & More, professional junk removal experts will visit your place and take away all the unwanted stuff without any issue, and dispose of it in a safe way. 


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