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Make a Grand Entry into the World of On-Demand Business with an App like Gojek


The advantages of entering into the World of the On-Demand Business are Cost-Effectiveness, On-Time Delivery of the Order, and Accuracy. However, other few Key Reasons to get into this Business are: 

The Convenience it offers to the Customers 

People are more attracted to Services that they can make use of without any difficulty. 

Easy Availability of Services 

After the Pandemic, people find it enchanting when the Service is delivered directly to the Doorstep. And, this might be one key reason why the On-Demand Business with Gojek Clone App is the most popular Entrepreneurial Idea right now. 

Cost-Efficiency Services in Real-Time 

With more and more Service Providers getting into the Market to offer their Services, the cost of many common Services has found ‘cost-efficiency.’ The Speed, Accuracy and Spot-On Delivery of Services have made people forget Traditional Services. 

Cashless Payments 

Easy, Quick and Contactless Payment methods is another reason why people are demanding Gojek Clone App. The App Users can pay Online either using their Credit Cards or their In-App Wallets. 

Which On-Demand Services Can Gather Quick Users? 

To decide which Services will fetch you a pool of Customers, it is best to do some research. Find the pain points of your Targeted Audience, and what Services they need the most when the World is still recovering from the adversities of the Corona-Outbreak. Here are some Top-Demanded Services. 

  1. Transportation including Taxi-Hailing and Taxi-Sharing Services: According to reports by, the United States’ Users are spending about US$5.6 Billion on this Service Annually. 
  2. Food/Grocery Delivery: Researches by say that US Consumers are spending about US$4.6 Billion Annually to get their favorite Dishes, Fruits, Veggies, etc., Delivered to their homes. This industry is expected to shoot up at an Annual Growth Rate of 7.5%, between the Years 2020–2024. 
  3. Car Wash Services: The Pandemic has taught us the importance of Hygiene and Sanitization. On average, most Car Owners get their car washed at least three times every month. 
  4. Beauty Services: With a hectic lifestyle, it gets difficult to get proper self-care. The best solution to avoid contact with the Public in Salon is – get an On-Demand Beauty Service At Home. 
  5. Delivery Genie/Delivery Runner: People avoid going to crowded places and shops. They prefer to shop online. However, with Gojek Clone Services like Delivery Genie/Delivery Runner, the App Users can hire Personal Shoppers who would run errands on their behalf. Such as picking up Dahlia Flowers or buying prescribed Medical Marijuana for a Cancer Patient. These Personal Shoppers will buy or pick up anything and everything from the  Nearby Stores and get Same-Day Delivery. Also, they can send packages, documents, etc. to a different Location in the same city. 

Must-Have Features on the App 

1. Corona-Specific Features to avoid Spread of Virus

You can always take advantage of Covid-19 Safety Features available in the App. Within this On-Demand Multi-Service App, you can add Features like Taxi Driver’s Face Mask Verification before the Ride starts. Restricted limit of Passengers that can travel in a Taxi, Confirmation of a Safety Checklist that Rider has to Confirm before requesting for a Trip. These are just a handful of Services that you can add on.  

2. Features for Restaurants/Cafes/Food Joints

The App allows Restaurants, Cafes, and Other Food Places to offer features like customization of Food on the Menu. This feature allows Users to pick their favorite toppings and other food options and customize them like they can at the Store. Also, they can upload pictures of their Sanitized and Hygienic Kitchens to assure the already paranoid Customers that the World Health Organizations’ Guidelines are being strictly adhered to and that their Food is being prepared in a Clean and Sanitized Kitchen. Other pictures include the Restaurant Owners’ taking regular temperature checks of their In-House Delivery Drivers and Chefs wearing Face Masks and Gloves. All these features are designed to gain back the trust of the Customers and to offer them the pleasure of ‘eating.’

3. Latest and Futuristic Features that level up your App 

Here’s a list of another handful of features that are hot-selling on the App. 

  • Booking a Taxi Ride using the popular gadget – iWatch
  • Voice Note Feature to Instruct the Delivery Person how to reach the Location, where to drop the Food/Grocery/Parcel Package, where to Park the Vehicle, etc. 
  • The Service Provider receives a numeric OTP on their registered Phone Numbers/email for Verification before they start the Service. 

Business Models  

The two Business Models are: 

1. Subscription Plan

Subscription Plans are exclusively curated by the App Owner. The Service Provider has to make a One-Time-Payment to purchase any one of the Plans offered on the Platform and kiss goodbye to paying Commission on every Single Service Rendered through the App. 

The Price of each Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Annual Plan is authoritatively decided by the App Owner. These Plans come with an Expiration Date. The App Owner starts sending Reminder Messages about the Renewal of the Plan at least a week before the Expiry Date. This gives enough time to the Provider to Renew their preferred Plan and keep rendering Services through the App. 

2. Commission Based Model 

Commission Based Model works on a Contractual Agreement between the App Owner and the Service Provider. The Contract mentions a certain percentage that the Service Provider has to pay to the Entrepreneur as Commission per Order. This set percentage is a small amount that the Service Provider has to pay to the App Owner on the earnings they make on every single service that they render through the App. 

The App Owner solely decides the Commission Rate based on the varied genres of Services offered. Say, the Commission Rate for Taxi Booking Service will be different from that of a Car Wash Service or a Food Delivery Service. 


Becoming a Successful Christmas Entrepreneur is in your Fortune Cards. Do you want an instant entry into the World of On-Demand-Business within Days? Well, the only way to make that happen in real life is – get in touch with a Licensed White-Labeling Firm. 

So, without wasting another minute, get in touch with a World-Reputed Firm right now and go live with your very own Gojek Clone App! 


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