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Outstanding Factors that Have Made Facial Recognition a Great Technology for the Ages

Financial Institutions and large organizations were the first to introduce biometrics for their customers. Now, it has been widely used across the globe. Through biometrics, a person’s unique and physical traits are recorded and detected by devices that can be used later on. Biometric thumb impression for attendance and login into ATMs has been in use for over two decades now. And in some countries even before that. But this was just the beginning. 

There were quite a few fraudulent ways introduce so that biometrics quickly lost its sheen. For example, thumb impressions can changed easily so that a person’s impression can use by some other person. That’s where the idea of facial recognition comes into the mind and now going to be the dominant one in the coming few years. 

Facial Recognition at a Glance

A facial recognition system is a technology capable of matching a human face so that it can record all the features. This can use to authenticate just like a thumb impression or any other type. Digital image or video frame against the database of fishes is use to authenticate users through ID verification services. Through the database pinpointing and measuring special features can be use. 

This technology is not something out of the future as it has been use in some form of the other for quite some time. But it is widely being use as some of the features have been incorporate in smartphones and other devices. Although there are some apprehensions in its use which I will discuss later, technology is now mainstream and that is one reason why it is very popular now.

Nowadays its use is not limit to just the metropolitan cities like Dubai and Doha, but it is now being use even in small cities and towns. In remote villages too, a person using a mobile phone has this feature. So, don’t be surprise as the world has become a global village.

Let me offer you how businesses can use this technology in an app to get their customers to log in to their website and accounts. And how they can use it for more options. 

Face recognition apps are growing at a rapid rate and its 2019 market valuation was around 3.2 billion. Currently, the expected growth rate is 16.6% by 2024 and that is why it is going to be one of the hottest technologies for every business. But many aspects are going to be some issues and challenges like every technology face. Let me start with the basic challenges and the opportunities that work well for face recognition.

Challenges and Downsides

The use of facial recognition along with artificial intelligence is helping law enforcement agencies and governments find candles. Or just simply to keep a check on everyone, especially in public places. Its use at airports, bus terminals, and railway stations is often require to find a person or keep a check on if everything is going smoothly. 

Facial systems have advantages like con-currency and user-friendliness. Everyone can easily use it without knowing what technology is all about and what goes behind it. I just have to put your face on the camera and if everything will match with the database, you will be grante access. Several social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram offer some features which are based on facial recognition. 

There are several features available in AI apps related to facial recognition like the old face. A famous app will offer your future picture based on your current features and it should be very popular as a result they are extremely funny and sometimes close to reality. From security purposes to education to every field is now adopting this technology and, in the future, I can see it being use even when entering your home. 

Use in Smartphones 

The use of facial recognition features in smartphones has taken the world by storm. Facial recognition technology was very expensive in its early days and still, it is not easy to put this feature in phones. You can easily check features offered by official recognition phones across the board and you will find that just one or two of the phones will work perfectly fine. All the others are simply not on par with offering the features and options in the true sense. 

Advantages and Disadvantages 

I have already discussed many advantages of facial recognition but perhaps the most important one is it has offered a new way for logging in to different accounts with just one action. As is the case with the smartphone, anyone can use all the services available in that smartphone if they have checked through facial recognition. The role of an app developer Dubai having immense experience is of great importance so that it can offer good support to the company. 

One major disadvantage with facial recognition is that it is currently not perfect and just a little change in your face will be termed as an error.

There are instances when a person is not allow to login into a smartphone even though we have just log in a few minutes ago. A little change in lighting and environment can also affect special relativity and if the technology it is based on is not on par with the latest in the market.

Businesses can also use facial recognition to offer their customers in hand facilities. Recognition can be offer through our website so that any person can log into their account by just looking at the screen, and directly into the camera.

After that, we can get all the information about their current order, previous history, and any future orders. 

Over to you 

Facial recognition is surely going to be one of the best technologies to be use across the board. There are several ways in which businesses will use it as well as a common man. From smartphones to other devices, its use will come down to everyday use as this is a great way for everything. 

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask any question, you are more than welcome to speak up. If you want to offer your feedback, please use the comments section below. 


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