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Most Popular Types of Custom Boxes

Packaging plays an important role in getting the product sold. When it comes to making an impression on the customer, not only does your product quality matter but how you present it to the customer also matters. Specific custom boxes are available for specific products. For example, there are custom-made candle boxes available for the packaging of candles. It is important to go through all the different options available when choosing the right custom box packaging for your product.

Here are some popular types of custom boxes available;

Sleeve Packaging

Sleeve packaging is the best option when it comes to packaging for premium brands. Businesses that want to stand out use this type of packaging. Sleeve packaging consists of two parts. The first part is a sleeve and the second part consists of a tray or an entire box. This type of packaging elevates the whole experience for the customer as it is opened by sliding the tray out of the sleeve. It enhances the overall perception of the product it carries inside. The biggest plus point of using this packaging is that it is convenient to use and can be used for a wide range of products. This is the reason more and more companies are using sleeve packaging for their products.

Shoulder Boxes

If you want a great custom packaging option that allows custom printing, shoulder custom boxes are the ones to be picked. Shoulder boxes usually consist of three parts. The first part is the base that contains the second part which is a tray. The third part, which is the lid, covers the tray. This packaging is easy to use for various luxury products as well as normal ranged goods. These boxes are manufactured using thick rigid cardboard to give them strength. They can be printed on with different types of printing technologies and this makes them desirable.

Flip-Top Packaging

The reason why so many businesses like using this type of packaging is the utility it offers. They can be used conveniently as they are easy to open and easy to close. On the top side of the custom package there is a foldable lid. These custom boxes are easily manufactured using corrugated materials or cardboard. Because of this reason, they come in a variety of different sizes. Companies use them for their brands to enclose different kinds of products. They come in different shapes too which comes in handy. This type of packaging is pretty famous among businesses and customers alike.

Magnetic Closure Boxes

Many companies use this type of packaging. This type of custom box is available in good quality at a considerably low price in the market. The magnet in the packaging box is used for closing the lid of the box.  This type of custom box does not require constant fixing of the flaps to close the box. You can close these custom boxes by merely connecting the side of the lid with the wall of the packaging. The wall contains an iron plate that helps the magnet get attached to it. This method seals the package firmly providing an extra layer of protection. They are usually manufactured using cardboard stock as well.

Die-Cut Window Packaging

This type of packaging is getting popular with each passing day. The reason for this increasing popularity is the fact that these custom boxes can be used to display the product inside them in an amazing style. These boxes are manufactured using cardboard, corrugated, or crafted materials. The window can be cut in a variety of styles adding diversity to the packaging. Brands can get their desired styles customized.

Chinese Takeout Boxes

This is the most common type of packaging and we are all familiar with it. These custom boxes are popular for packaging and delivering Chinese food. But it is not necessarily used only for packaging Chinese food. Other brands also use these packages for delivering food. Some of these boxes have a single lid and some have bi-fold lids. These custom boxes also contain handles. They mostly come in a conical shape.

In conclusion, custom boxes come in all shapes, sizes, are and types as per the requirement of the product as well as the budget of the company. When choosing a custom box, make sure it ticks all the boxes for you and is the right type for your product.


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