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Prominent Metal Detecting Finds since Years

Metal detecting is a great hobby to find older things like coins, ancient jewelry, and treasure that is buried for many years. Most people enjoy this activity of exploring old things being buried under the soil. In this way, they try to find out something special and later to research on. To date, there have been many renowned metal detecting finds throughout history. Here let’s talk about a few of them in detail.  

1.  The Staffordshire Hoard

Back in 2009, in Staffordshire, a hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold was discovered in bulk. It was found with over three thousand pieces with clear evidence so it was treated as one of the substantial metal detecting finds.

2. The Peekskill Hollow Rock

A rock was found in Peekskill back in 1992. At that time, it was weighed around twenty-six pounds. This rock is one of its kind as it contains a very rare type of gold called ‘electrum’ that is made up of large amounts of silver and gold. The worth of this rock is around $100,000 dollars and is considered the pioneer in its type.

3. The Ringlemere Gold Cup

Cliff Bradshaw on the Ringlemere Farm in England found this gold cup in 2001. It was believed to be a votive cup coming back from 50 BC in date. It had a value of around $220,000 dollars by considering its ancient value from a historical perspective.

4. The Gold Rush Nugget

It was founded in 1869 and is currently on a display at the Mining and Mineral Museum of California State. The weight of this nugget was around 21 pounds, 12 ounces, and had a significant value of $34, 173 at the time of its discovery.

5.  Pisco Treasure

From the Peruvian shipwreck that is known as Pisco Treasure, a man in Peru found silver and gold worth $61 million in 2008. At the time of its discovery, the treasure contained 44 pounds of 21 gold bars.

All these metals were found with the help of metal detecting accessories in those ancient times. Metal detecting is a great hobby for those who like to travel and be on a move at all times. It provides a sense of satisfaction when you finally detect metal from the ground. The adventurous part is next that comes with digging the soil to find the hidden treasure. Most of the time, people who find the treasure from their metal detecting finds just donate it to the museum. This happens because they cannot keep such treasure with them for the long term. The metals you will find may hold a value of worth thousands or even millions of dollars. So, this is taken as a hobby to find different kinds of metals and then to give them a new shape and style.

Effective treasure hunting can be done by selecting the right accessories and treating metal detecting as a hobby and fun activity. You can buy the accessories from the metal detector store online or by going there physically as well. You need to keep an eye on the weather forecast because humidity can affect the performance of your accessories. The metal detecting finds have been done for many reasons in the past mainly to know about the historical developments. Nowadays, it is being treated as a fun activity that people opt for in their free time. They go out with fully packed accessories that help them in finding good quality metals. They can either keep them or place them in the museum for the display of metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on famous metal detecting finds of all times.

·         What were the best finds with metal detectors?

The best finds with metal detectors include Lost Class Ring, Golden Chalice, and a Two Pound Meteor. 

·         Can gold be easily found by a detector?

You can find gold with the help of a detector but small nuggets will be a challenge to find out. It doesn’t work as a normal detector but it has the induction of pulse present in the detectors.

·         What is the best place to detect metals?

The metals can be detected in your own front and back yards, sports fields, parks in towns, and hunting camps.   click here for more articles.


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