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This Is How You Can Cash In on Your Unwanted Gift Cards

Do you have a stack of unwanted gift cards sitting on your desk? Or maybe you bought a gift card online, only to have it shipped to you without meaning to.

In either case, you need to cash in on those gift cards as soon as possible. If you don’t, they’ll likely go to waste and wind up in the trash.

Instead, check out our guide below on how you can convert a gift card to cash. There are plenty of companies out there willing to pay you to take them off your hands.

Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards for Cash

Selling your unwanted gift cards is a great way to make some extra money. You can sell them online or in person. To get the most money for your gift cards, sell them online.

You can also list on websites when exchanging gift cards. Many websites allow you to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash. You will need to provide the website with your gift card information, and they will give you a quote for how much they will pay you for the card.

You can then decide whether or not to sell the card on the website. If you do sell the card, you will receive the quoted amount of cash, which you can spend as you please.

Furthermore, when listing your gift card, be sure to include the brand, value, and expiration date. You can also sell gift cards in person at local stores.

Trade In Your Unwanted Gift Cards for a Store Credit

This is a great way to get rid of your unwanted gift cards and get something in return. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are trading in your unwanted gift cards.

You will need to find a store that accepts gift cards as trade-ins. You should have the gift card with you when you go to the store. And, of course, you will need to ask for the store credit.

The store credit may be in the form of a gift card, store voucher, or store credit. In addition, you may also convert your prepaid to cash if you want to.

Donate Your Unwanted Gift Cards to Charity

You can convert a gift card to cash by donating it to charity. Many charities accept donated gift cards, and you can choose the ones you want to support. Charity organizations are always in need of funds to support their causes.

One way you can help them out is by donating your unwanted gift cards. You can visit the charity’s website and enter your gift card information.

By donating your unwanted gift cards, you can help a worthy cause and get rid of unwanted gift cards at the same time.

Learn How to Convert a Gift Card to Cash Now

If you have any unwanted gift cards, don’t let them go to waste. Whichever method you choose to convert a gift card to cash, make sure you get the most money possible for your unwanted cards.

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