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Top 7 unknown facts about the Christmas occasion that you must come across


Christmas is the occasion of celebrating the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ. This is a very special day because on this day we exchange gifts and convey our warm wishes and love to our near and dear ones. Children love Christmas because they receive exciting presents from the one and only Santa Claus. However, apart from exchanging gifts and adorning the house, there are other important facts about Christmas. Your kids will spend the Christmas vacations and will probably pass their time playing their favourite games. Make this Christmas a little bit unique by sharing some unknown facts about the Christmas occasion with your kids. Go through these following Christmas facts and share them with your children and encourage them to learn about this celebratory occasion. They can pass this interesting fact about Christmas with their friends as well.

  1. In the Netherlands, Santa Claus is recognised as Sinterklaas:

For kids, Christmas occasion is all about obtaining interesting tokens from the one and only Santa Claus. But do you know, how did Santa Claus come into being? The identity of Santa Claus is related to St. Nicholas. As per a legend, St. Nicholas was a legendary Christian bishop who contributed to the impoverished and needy people. He also adored kids and appreciated offering gifts to them intimately. In Dutch, people also choose to celebrate Christmas with full gusto, by organising parties and baking delicious Christmas cakes.

  1. Singing is based on the ritual of wassailing:

You might have seen or heard that people sing Christmas carols. But do you know why? The ritual is based on the popular English tradition of wassailing, which was a ritual to raise a toast for the prosperity and healthful life of someone special. St. Francis of Assisi carried this ritual and transformed it into a new form of singing.

  1. Plum cakes are not considered Christmas cakes:

Devouring delicious Christmas cakes is one of the nicest parts of this occasion, and we can never deny this. But does your kid know about the Christmas cakes that are devoured during this occasion? They are none other than plum cakes! The cakes we get to consume during the Christmas celebrations are considered plum cakes, but do you know that there are no plums on the cake? Raisins are considered plums during medieval periods. If you are organising a Christmas party, you can choose to order a special new year cake and double up the enthusiasm of the celebration.

  1. Egyptians and Romans are the first ones to use Christmas trees:

The beginning of the practice of using Christmas trees dates back to the times of Romans and Egyptians. They obtained evergreen trees like pine or fir trees, bouquets, and wreaths. And the idea of decorating Christmas trees commenced in the 16th century by the Germans. Rather than the flashy adornments that we notice on them nowadays, they were embellished with nuts and fruits. 

  1. Christmas wreath symbolises hope and eternity:

The Christmas wreath is the symbolism of the crown of thorns that was kept on the head of Lord Jesus Christ. Ultimately, the shades of Christmas – gold, red and green, were included. Gold is said to represent light and supremacy, Red is said to symbolise the blood of Lord Jesus, green is supposed to signify life. And the green foliage that gives rise to Christmas wreaths represents the eternity of nature and life.

  1. Alabama-The first state to consider Christmas as an official holiday:

Yes, this is true! In the year 1836, Alabama is considered to be the first state in the US to declare Christmas as an official holiday. This is one of the most unknown facts about Christmas that you can share with your kids as well. Your kids will be interested to know about the last state and that is Oklahoma. This state was declared as a Christmas holiday in the year 1907.

  1. Santa Claus receive gifts as well:

It is a popular notion that Santa reaches to offer gifts to the kids who have been decent and well-mannered all through the year. The interesting fact is that Santa receives gifts as well. Yes, you heard us right! You can give gifts to Santa as well. However, the cheerful Santa never wish to get any fancy gifts. The only gifts he wishes to get are milk and cookies to keep him energetic during his journey. So this Christmas, ask your kids to assist you while you bake cookies for Santa as well as for them. Santa will be honoured to get the cookies that are baked with so much fondness.

There are numerous rituals and traditions that your children can participate in at the joyous moment of the year. Make sure that you involve them in as many traditions as you can, whether it involves adorning the Christmas tree, illuminating the house or baking plum cakes. The celebrations start at home and will be loved by your kids for the upcoming years.