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Top Fashion Jobs Online You Can Go For

If you have a flair for style, color, and, most importantly, making people look good, fashion is the right choice. It can be hard to pursue your passion as a fashion designer. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make it big in the fashion industry. There are so many different types of jobs available in this industry that are suitable for professionals with all kinds of skills and talents.

You may not get the opportunity to work with your favorite designer or to design the dress of your dreams, but there are still plenty of avenues where you can succeed in starting your own career. In order to help you get started with some ideas about what these careers might entail, check out this list of 10 online jobs in the fashion world:

1.     Fashion Writing

Fashion writing is a popular career choice for many people. You can write about fashion news, trends, and reviews. You can also write about fashion shows and events. This type of writing could include editorials on the latest collections from a brand or designer. Another option is to report on trends in the industry as they are happening, such as red carpet coverage or runway reviews.

Another possibility is to cover specific events like runway shows or awards ceremonies where there will be celebrities dressed up in all their best outfits for the night!

If you have your own blog, you might want to write about general topics related to fashion with other bloggers who share similar interests with yourself – this could be anything from what’s trending at any given time (elegant wedding attire) to reviews on new clothing lines being launched into stores around town, etc.

2.     Pattern Making

Pattern making is the process of creating templates for clothing. Pattern makers are responsible for creating and changing patterns based on the customer’s requirements, as well as ensuring that they fit perfectly. Pattern makers must have a fundamental understanding of how clothes are constructed and be able to apply this knowledge in order to create an accurate template.

Patternmaking is one of those skills that doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to do, but it actually requires quite a bit of skill and precision. The job is complex because many factors are involved (size, length, width). This means that patternmakers must have problem-solving skills not only when designing new pieces but also when modifying old ones, so they fit better on different body types.

For example, if you know the history of street style and love streetwear, you can make patterns for streetwear and provide your services online.

3.     Product Development

Product development is the process of making new products, improving existing products, or modifying existing products to meet changing market demands. This will involve looking at the needs and wants of customers and analyzing how they can be met by new or modified products. Product development can also involve developing prototypes to test them.

Product development can include:

  • Developing new fabrics, materials, and colors
  • Creating patterns for clothing (for example, Rah-Rah Skirts) and accessories
  • Developing styles for clothing and accessories (designers)
  • Developing marketing strategies (marketers)

4.     Image Consultant

An Image Consultant, who is also known as a Personal Stylist or Fashion Stylist, is someone who helps you look your absolute best. They can help you with your wardrobe, makeup, hair, body language (posture), facial expressions—basically anything to do with your appearance.

5.     Sales & Marketing

As a sales and marketing professional, your main objective is to sell products or services. You will also be in charge of marketing the company’s products or services through advertisements, brochures, and other forms of publicity. It’s very similar to what you do as an editor or journalist in the sense that you are helping others see the value of something before they buy it.

What Skills Do You Need?

To be successful, you will need to be a good communicator and pitch your product to potential clients every day. You should also be good at listening carefully so that you understand exactly what your client needs from you before offering it up for sale!

In addition, since this field involves a lot of face-to-face contact with individuals from all walks of life, patience is key here—you won’t ever get anywhere if people think badly about their experiences with company representatives like yourself!

6.     Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a retail technique that involves arranging products on store shelves in an attractive way so that they look appealing to shoppers. This can be done through a variety of methods, including the use of color, lighting, and positioning. It’s a big part of retail, but you can also apply it to other industries like restaurants and hotels. Visual merchandising is an important career for anyone who loves fashion or wants a career in retail—and it’s one that can be done online!

7.     Technical Designing

Technical Designing is the process of creating a design for a garment or accessory. A technical designer is responsible for developing an idea into a working prototype that can be shown to clients, retailers, and manufacturers. Technical designers work closely with pattern-makers and cutters to ensure the garment’s fit, style, and function are on point before going into production. These designers are also responsible for making sure that all components used in their designs meet quality control standards.

8.     Trend Forecasting

Trend forecasting is a somewhat new concept in the fashion industry, but it’s an important one. It refers to the art and science of predicting future fashion trends.

Trend forecasters study cultural influences, social movements, technology advancements, and other factors that may influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. They also analyze current trends to predict what could come next. To do this effectively, it’s important for trend forecasters to be able to identify a wide range of influences at play in their industry so they can anticipate how these factors will shape consumer preferences in the future.

9.     Garment Grading and Sizing

Garment grading and sizing is the process of sorting clothes based on their size and quality. It involves separating garments into categories based on their fit, fabric quality, manufacturing defects, and more.

Garment grading and sizing help the fashion industry because it makes it easier for companies to mass-produce clothing that fits every customer. It also helps them avoid having too much inventory or not enough in stock at any given time, which can be costly for a business.

The average salary for this type of job is around $66,487!

10.Bridal Wear Styling

If you’re passionate about wedding dresses and the art of dressing, bridal wear styling is an excellent option for you. But how do you become a stylist? It takes many years of experience in styling and fashion to become a successful bridal wear stylist. The skills needed include:

  • Knowing how to create looks with different types of dresses.
  • Understanding what works together well.
  • Knowing which accessories complement each other.

11.Fashion Photographer

Being a fashion photographer is a great job, but it’s not for everyone. Fashion photographers are the people who take pictures of models, clothes, accessories, and other fashion-related things. They are hired by fashion houses, magazines, catalogs, and other fashion-related companies to take pictures of models and their creations or display them in the best light possible.

Despite being an extremely competitive field with only around 100-150 jobs available every year (no matter how much technology has advanced), there are many advantages that come along with being an official Fashion Photographer:

Fashion photography is all about creativity – you’re encouraged to use your creativity every day! This means that even though there might be rules set in place by clients/companies/etc., there will always be opportunities to break those rules if necessary (and if done tastefully).

12.Fashion Consultant

A fashion consultant works with clients to help them understand their brand and how to communicate it to the public. These are skilled in marketing and communications and have an eye for trends.

They work with a wide range of clients, including brands, retailers, and designers. Every day is different for this job: you could be interviewing models for a catwalk show; styling shoots; attending events or shows; researching new products; writing reports on the latest styles; planning social media campaigns; liaising with suppliers or designers over new designs… the possibilities are endless!


The fashion industry is one of the most creative and dynamic industries in the world, and it’s not just about design—it’s also about production, sales, marketing, management, communications, and more.  Finding the right job can be a challenge and might require a long commute and long working hours but it can be worth it for the right career.  We hope you like these ideas that might inspire you to look at fashion from new perspectives.

Whether you choose to work on a farm that grows cotton or silkworms for textiles; become a store manager; start your own clothing brand; create an online platform for emerging designers; produce your own range of designer fragrances; or even pursue a career as an interior designer (one who works with clients to design their homes based on how much space they need), there are endless opportunities waiting for anyone who wants them.


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