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Trend Of Wearing Khussa In Pakistan

Every country across the globe has its characteristic footwear. There is one special shoe or footwear in every region of the world that has evolved over the centuries to suit the climate of that particular region. When talking about Pakistan, the climate is a kind of a mixed one. There are the hottest deserts in the country and the coolest places with high mountains. However, no matter where you go in Pakistan, the khussa shoes are worn commonly by the Pakistani people. Whether you live in a hot area, a warm area or an area with severe cold, men and women are seen wearing the khussa. There is a great history behind this shoe, and is not something new to Pakistan. It has become a part of their traditions. The trend of wearing khussa in Pakistan has grown dramatically in recent times with both men and women wearing it. Here is a detailed guide to khussa and the trend of wearing it in Pakistan! 

The Great Variety of Khussa

There are special footwear in different parts of the country. For instance, there is that popular Peshawri chappal which is even worn in the colder weather. Khussa shoes are worn everywhere whether it’s Punjab, Balochistan, KPK or Sindh. There is a good variety of khussa shoes available in the country as well. There are different colors, designs and styles for both men and women. Specifically, there are endless colors in the khussa for women.

Multani Khussa

Multan is situated in the South Punjab and is one of the holy cities in the country. It is a populous as well as popular city, known for a lot of things, such as Sohan halwa, but mainly for the Multani khussa. It is one of the best khussa shoes you can wear in Pakistan. Men and women both love it.

Khussa Trend Among Women

Khussa is one of a few things that are common among Pakistani men and women. Whether considering men or women, the popularity of the khussa shoes is equal among them. Men in Pakistan often wear khussa when they are dressed up in traditional Pakistani shalwar and kameez. Young boys as well as old Pakistani men love wearing the khussa.

Khussa Trend Among Men

As far as women are concerned, the craze for the khussa is immense among them as well. However, not the old ladies prefer wearing it but young women and girls love them. They often wear them under their kurta and pajamas. Specifically, when they are dressed up in traditional dress, they prefer wearing a khussa instead of other shoes.

Where to Buy the Best Khussa Shoes?

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