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What Is Vomiting?

Vomiting is the forceful ejection of undigested consumed food from the body through the mouth.
For a more interesting definition, check out prolonged vomitting.
This forceful expulsion process is a way of preventing the entire body system from being
damaged by some toxic substances we might have eaten either knowingly or unknowingly. Once
the stomach gets a substance that could damage the entire digestive system, it sends it back and
this leads to vomiting.
Vomiting can be an unpleasant experience, but it benefits the body. Pregnancy comes with a
couple of symptoms, and one of them is occasional or frequent vomiting. With that being stated,
what are the causes of vomiting?

Causes Of Vomiting

The following are some causes of vomiting.

  1. Indigestion
    When a consumed meal doesn’t digest well or isn’t acceptable by the stomach, it sends it back
    through its source – the mouth. This usually comes out as half digested which makes the sight
    and smell unpleasant.
  2. Food Poisoning
    This is where vomiting is very helpful. When a dangerous toxic substance like poison is ingested
    into the system, some antidote or drugs used can prevent its damaging effect and the resultant
    effect of this is vomiting.
  3. Allergies
    Allergies not compatible with the body system brings about a reaction. If your system is allergic
    to certain food, liquid, etc. It reacts through vomiting.
    One common allergy that leads to vomiting is nausea. Perceiving some smell not acceptable to
    the body, will lead to vomiting, as its scent (which is unpleasant to the body), sends a negative
    signal to the brain and vomiting occurs.
  4. Fear
    Finding yourself in an unpleasant emotion and situation of fear, uneasiness and stress could
    suddenly disrupt the entire stomach which forces out whatever is in it. This cause of vomiting is
    neither beneficial or dangerous, it’s just the effect of a sudden emotional imbalance.
    It’s possible to avoid these causes of vomiting, by eating early, being calm and doing less
    stressful things, and also avoiding some things that your stomach could negatively react to.
    Types Of Vomit
    Dry Vomit
    This comes like a Vomit, but nothing comes out. The urge and effort is there to vomit which
    leads to strain, but still the mouth is dry and nothing forcefully comes out.
    Bloody Vomit
    This type of vomit requires immediate medical attention of the patient, as this could most likely
    be a sign or damage in the stomach. When a vomit contains blood or has traces of blood, it most
    likely signals a cut in the esophagus.
    Yellow Vomit
    When a vomit has this colour, it indicates the presence of bile and evidence of an incomplete
    digestion process.
    Vomiting doesn’t just occur, it gives some signs and symptoms, and some of them are
    Abdominal Pain
    When an ‘unwanted visitor’ gets into the stomach, it is uncomfortable and it’s being sent out,
    before that, it causes some pain on the lower outer part of the stomach. Abdominal or stomach
    pains usually precede vomiting.
    Depending on your entire hormones and immune system, the body could suddenly have a very
    high temperature and this in wellness could spread to other parts of the body that could trigger
    the stomach to eject any consumed food by force.
    Like stated above, stress, fear, anxiety can lead to uneasiness. Which brings about excess
    emission of fluid from the body, this is often accompanied by body temperature, and vomiting is
    most likely to follow.
    Chest Pain
    A pain in the chest can sometimes be excruciating, and it can so affect the entire digestive system
    that an expulsion of what is in the stomach occurs.
    Vomiting is a natural preventive occurrence for the human digestive system. It’s unpleasant, and
    at the same time, it protects.
    Lives have been saved by forceful ejection of toxic consumables we take in. When you vomit,
    just know that your body just protected you from a dangerous stranger

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