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What’s The Best Subcompact 9mm?

In the last few years, millions of Americans have become first-time gun owners. The initial pandemic caused gun shops and ammo dealers to run out of stock for months on end.

What were people buying up? Many were buying their first hunting rifle, as they sought to put their own meat on the table. Some were buying a gun they could shoot targets with for fun.

Most were buying handguns to use for self-defense. The best subcompact 9mm handguns are ideal for self-defense, as you can carry them with ease if you have a concealed carry license.

They are smaller than normal handguns, lighter, and easier to use. Are you looking for a small, nimble handgun? Keep reading to learn about the subcompact pistol and which one is right for you.

Glock 43

When it comes to handguns, the Glock 19 is probably the most popular option. Since we’re talking of small, subcompact guns, the Glock 43 is what makes the list.

The Glock 43 is a single-stack 9mm pistol designed specifically for concealed carry. Other than the size of the gun, the Glock 43 has the same components that other Glock models have. It maintains the consistent quality that Glocks are known for.

It’s a great gun, though not perfect. It is perfect for those already familiar with Glocks, however. Glocks are known are their customization options, so you can implement basic Glock mods or even Springfield mods.


This sleek, slim, 9mm handgun carries 10+1 rounds, which is already better than some of the other popular subcompact guns. Especially the Glock 43 in this regard, as it only holds 6+1 rounds.

For many people who have yet to pull the trigger on a subcompact handgun, this is the one for you. The biggest complaint people have is the lack of carrying capacity, which the P365 solves, making it ideal for every carry.

The polymer plastic frame keeps it light while still providing a quality build. Click here to read more about this new subcompact gun.


Smith and Wesson is another game you’d expect to see on this list. Originally known for their revolver, S&W began producing pistols to compete with Glock, in hopes of dethroning them from being the most popular hand gun maker.

Most agree that they haven’t quite done that yet, but many have converted to S&W and aren’t going back.

The Shield M20 is of particular interest, thanks to its natural feeling grip. It’s enjoyable to hold and easy to shoot. It has a 7+1 or 8+1 carrying capacity, putting it in the middle of subcompact handguns.

It’s light and small, fitting in your pocket. When you use it, it feels like a regular-sized handgun. It has the power and reliability you need, especially in a self-defense situation.

Purchasing the Best Subcompact 9mm

If you have a concealed carry license, then buying the best subcompact 9mm handgun is one of the best things you can do. You need something you can rely on in the most stressful situation you can imagine. Don’t buy cheap, however, as your life may literally depend on it.

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