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Whether .ae is better than .com domain extension?

Buying your domain name for the first time is confusing yet challenging; we completely understand that. It was quite an easy choice in the past when there were only a few domain extensions available. However, it has been a challenging choice since ICANN ventured on a program to expand the internet namespace. For example, ICANN reports that there were approximately 1500 TLDs in 2021. Furthermore, before deciding something, you must know that your website address comprises two parts; the second-level domain – SLD (on the left of dot com), and the top-level domain – TLD (another name for domain name extension). SLD depends upon the brand name, while for TLD, you may choose between a gTLD like .com and a ccTLD like .ae. Generally, a .com extension is the first go-to option. However, there are some important factors you must consider to decide if .ae is better than .com for your Dubai-based business website.

.ae vs. .com domain extension

The main difference among both the extensions is that the former is a ccTLD, and the latter is a gTLD. Undoubtedly, if your website is Dubai-based, both the extensions make the perfect match. First, however, you must well-acquaint yourself with the pros and cons of both domain extensions. 

.ae domain registration

If you decide to get the .ae extension, you must be wary of the following.

  • .ae domain is a country code for Dubai. Hence, if you are based in UAE or the locations nearby, it is always best to go for geographical restrictions. It helps you with your website’s Google SERP ranking. Choosing .ae takes the website out of fierce international competition of websites. Furthermore, Google prefers to show up localized results for research more than the international websites. Hence, concerning SEO, .ae is better than .com. As a budding business, it would be easier to stand out from the local companies than many international competitors.
  • A geography-based domain extension always seems official, professional, and stands out concerning the business identity. Furthermore, it supports your businesses by helping you build trust and the brand identity of your customers.
  • With a domain name that specifies your business’s geographical location, you ensure the potential customers of your physical presence, and it indicates that your products and services are specially tailored for the local community, which takes the brand loyalty to another level. 
  • .com domain is one of the domain extensions introduced. Hence, once you have chosen your sub-level domain according to your brand name, you are significantly less likely to find the exact website address with the .com domain due to the overcrowding of the .com extension. Therefore, a .ae domain, along with all the other perks, proves cost-effective, giving you a bit of flexibility and freedom of choice for your website address. 
  • Lastly, the process of .ae domain registration is super easy. There are no stringent legal requirements to register for .ae. Just like for any other domain name, all that you’ll need will be a trusted domain register such as Navicosoft. 

Last but not least, if unfortunately, .ae is unavailable for your brand name, you can also go for,,, etc depending upon the brand type. 

.com domain registration 

As mentioned above, .com is the first go-to idea for any online brand due to its popularity. It is so common that if an ordinary man knows your brand name, he will automatically consider your website address Despite that .ae is better than .com in particular aspects, .com offers some benefits, mentioned in the following.

  • A web address with .com, in the end, proves to be more easy t remember. Hence, there will be lesser chances of losing traffic in this regard. 
  • It gives you access to a broader range of audiences. You can reach out to your clients on a larger scale easily. No doubt, it poses even more dedicated efforts to stand out among the global competitors.
  • Like .ae domain registration, there are no specific requirements.
  • There is potentially a much lower chance of losing your traffic to internet space due to typo errors.

Lastly, .ae is better than .com depending upon your target market, making it a critical founding decision for your business. 

Tips for the best domain name

As we have discussed the domain extensions in detail, there are some handy tips for you to choose the best second-level domain name. 

  1. Do not select your domain name in the first place. Conduct detailed research for the best available domain names and select the most appropriate according to your brand name.
  2. It always proves to be better to keep it short and sweet. It will be easy to remember for your customers to reach out to you quickly. The most successful domains names comprise a maximum of 12 characters.
  3. Avoid double letters to rule out the chance of typos.
  4. Try to use your brand keywords in your domain address. It is a good practice for SEO.
  5. Once you have decided between .ae is better than .com for your brand or .com, you must not wait and immediately get to the registrar before someone else takes it up.



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