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Why Companies Must Transform Their Yang-Ming Tracking Strategy

Container vessels transport 98% of all manufactured goods in the world. From smartphones to industrial equipment – without shipping companies that transport these containers, there is no international trade. However, the global shipping industry is highly uncertain. It’s currently going through a severe downcycle because of the COVID19 pandemic.

The world’s leading shipping companies like the Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (Yang-Ming) aren’t immune to these industry trends. Although this Taiwanese shipping company has over 100 vessels, it is still prone to shipping delays. That’s why anyone involved in maritime trade must use the latest YangMing tracking tools.

The Importance of Using Accurate Tracking Tools 

The Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation ships thousands of tons of goods every year. If you’ve imported or exported goods over international waters before, there’s a high chance you’ve used Yang-Ming’s services. However, getting live updates about your containers and shipments on Yang-Ming’s vessels may be challenging.

Your containers and shipments on Yang-Ming vessels may be prone to unreliable shipment schedules because of various factors such as:

  • Volatile weather conditions
  • Logistical issues at the port (e.g., port strikes)
  • Mechanical breakdowns of critical equipment on the ship leading to transit delays
  • Inconsistencies in cargo scheduling

One problem can completely ruin your shipment schedules. These schedule-related issues can wreak havoc on your business’s ability to deliver goods on time and meet customer expectations. That’s why investing in advanced shipment tracking tools with digital capabilities is vital for anyone involved in international maritime trade.

How to Transform Your Company’s Shipment Tracking Capabilities? 

Your shipment tracking tools should enable you to effectively manage your supply chain and achieve specific commercial objectives. How to find such tracking tools? Look for the following features/qualities when searching for container/shipment tracking tools –

  • Multi-Tracking: Shipment tracking tools use various technologies to relay the shipments’ locational data to shippers. A tracking tool may use GPS, AIS (Automatic Identification System), or other technologies to track shipment/container locations. You should opt for shipment tracking tools that use multi-tracking systems. A multi-tracking system uses various tracking technologies to relay accurate location data in real-time. This tool should feature GPS, AIS, and other tracking technologies. The more tracking technologies your tool supports, the more precise data you will receive.
  • Real-Time Updates: Look for shipment tracking tools that provide second-by-second updates on your containers’ movements. With access to constant and real-time updates, you can inform customers about when to expect their deliveries.
  • Integration: Ideally, you should be able to integrate your shipment tracking tool on your own website. Why ask your customers to visit third-party shipping lines sites to track their shipments? Why even use third-party shipping lines sites? Integrate shipment tracking tools that use multi-tracking systems on your website.

With the latest shipment tracking tools, you can constantly keep track of two vital factors –

  • Your cargo’s estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Your cargo’s actual time of arrival (ATA)

The best shipment tracking tools regularly send shippers alerts about ETAs, vessel changes, and other essential details. Use these tools to optimize your supply chain.


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