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5 Impressive Facts About MS Excel

No doubt you use Microsoft Excel every day. But do you know how it started and how it functions now?

The story of Microsoft is quite impressive. Though it started off in the early 1990s as a simple calculation program, over the years, it has grown in functionality and capacity. Today, it’s an all-in-one program that’s used by both beginners and skilled professionals.

You’ll learn more about MS Excel and some impressive facts about it. That way, if anyone at the company gets curious about it, you’ll have some information to give.

We’ll teach you impressive facts about MS Excel that you’ll remember.

It Can Handle Up to 32,767 Characters

In 2003, Microsoft Excel could handle up to 250 sets of characters. As of 2013, that number has increased to a whopping 32,767 distinct characters! The use of an extended ASCII character set made this impressive feat possible.

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange, and it is a standard used to represent text in computers. This makes it possible for Excel to handle text in any language, such as c# create pdf file programmatically, making it a global application.

It Has Over 400 Built-in Functions

One of its most impressive features is the range of built-in functions it has for performing various calculations. It can perform everything from simple arithmetic to complex statistical analysis. This makes Excel a versatile tool for a wide range of purposes.

Whether you need to do simple math or complex statistical analysis, Excel has the right function for the job. Excel also supports macros and user-defined functions, which further enhances its functionality.

It Can Handle Up to 1 Million Rows and 16,000 Columns of Data

Excel is being used to store, organize, and analyze data. It can handle up to 1 million rows and 16,000 columns of data, which is more than enough for most users. This impressive software application has many features and functions that make it a valuable tool for users who work with large amounts of data.

With its powerful sorting and filtering capabilities, it can help you organize and analyze your data. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the data you have to input, remember that Excel can handle it.

MS Excel Was First Released in 1985

It was the first spreadsheet released as part of the Microsoft Office for the Macintosh. Excel for Windows was first released a few years later in 1987.

It has been around for over 30 years and is still one of the most popular spreadsheet applications.

Awarded the Prestigious Title of “Best Overall Software Product” by PC Magazine Four Times

This is a tremendous accomplishment. Considering the number of software products on the market today and in the history of the magazine. It is a testament to its versatility and usefulness.

Consider These Impressive Facts!

There are many impressive facts about MS Excel. Excel can handle up to 32 767 different sets of characters. There are over 400 built-in functions to perform various calculations. It can handle up to 1 million rows and 16,000 columns of data. It was first released in 1985. And PC Magazine has awarded it the prestigious title of “Best Overall Software Product” four times.

These impressive facts show that it is much more than just a program for organizing data.

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