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A Quick Guide to Understand PTE Academics Effectively

When you are curious to understand the idea of PTE and keen to crack the tests effectively in a shorter time, it is important to understand the academics of PTE to prepare for the exam with efficacy. Without much ado let’s have a quick overview on the PTE academic as PTE academic exam scores are one of the important part of your immigration dreams.

It is an English Language proficiency test based on AI scoring and not evaluated manually by faculties like other language tests like IELTS, TOFL etc.

When it comes to attempting PTE Exam, PTE score is important and your language skills will be analyzed with 20 academic question types. On the day of test, your Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening skills will be analyzed with different question types and through individual scoring.

PTE Speaking Test

The first part of your PTE test will be Speaking test, her you will be exposed to 5 tasks and the aspects, content pronunciation, speaking skills, and oral fluency will help you get better scores

Read aloud

Here you will see 6 to 7 items and your speaking and reading skills will contribute to scoring. You will find paragraph of texts before the recording device starts and you can take 30 seconds to read all the words in the paragraph. When you read the paragraph your scoring will be based on the rhythm, clarity in reading, phrasing, and pronunciation.

Repeat sentence

You will be given 10 to 12 items in this task and your core listening and speaking skills will contribute to scoring. Here you will hear a sentence, you have to carefully listen the sentence and repeat what is said. The sentence will be between 2 to 6 lines. Make note that there will be unfamiliar words and your speed and how well you interpret the accent will be tested. You can hear the different accents repeat the same and test your oral fluency naturally

Describe Image

The task to test your speaking skills and choice of words here you should think on your feet and speak spontaneously. You will be given a line graph, pie or process diagram or combination images that may be tricky. You have to carefully analyze the image for 20 seconds and you will be given 40 seconds to introduce image.

Retell Lecture

This task contributes points to your listening and speaking skills. You will be given an image and lecture of 60-90 seconds. You can take erasable notes by listening. You will have to identify topics and purpose, understand the style and attitude, variations in tone and accent and take notes. You can take 10 to 40 seconds to speak. Here you have to understand the opinions with detail, organize ideas in a proper way, use correct word pronounce, exact content, and speak grammatically correct.

Produce fluency, use correct intonation, correct pronunciation, use correct word and sentence stress and speak under timed conditions.

Answer short question

Here you will be given 5 to 6 questions, listen and hear the questions, and answer in one or two words. The answer can be an adjective, a noun, or verb.

PTE Writing Test

In PTE writing test, you should have to manage your time well. There will be two tasks for writing,

Summarize written text (10 minutes)

Under summarize written text, you will be given 1 or 2 items. It offers integrated scoring and contributes to your writing and reading scores. You have to read the given paragraph of texts and summarize the whole in a single sentence. You can manage the time by reading and writing in 10 minutes. Your Content should provide a good summary with all relevant aspects mentioned in 1 single complete sentence 50 -75 words with correct grammatical structure

Write essay (20 minutes)

Here you will be 1 to 2 essays to write and the scoring contributes to your writing skills. You should not spend more than 20 minutes to 200-300 words. The questions will slightly differ by giving you choice to take side. Respond to questions by taking one of two sides in an argument, agree or disagree with a particular point of view, or write about advantage and disadvantage of a particular opinion. Your general linguistic range, development structure and coherence, collocations, grammar usages, vocabulary, word choice and spelling will help you get higher scores. Make sure on eh content structure, body of the essay, and conclusion.

PTE Reading Test

For PTE reading test, you can spend 30 minutes to complete the 5 tasks below,

Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks

Here you will be given 5 to 6 questions and the scores will contribute to your reading and writing skills. You will see text of 300 hundred words with blanks in between. Clicking on the blanks it will show 4 synonymous or similar words as options you have pick the correct option. One word completes the sentence and the tests are not individually timed.

Multiple choice: Choose multiple answer

You will be given 1 or 2 tricky questions and it will contribute to your reading.  You can send 2- 3 minutes for this question. This task has negative marking and it has to be done attentively. You will be given approximately 300 hundred words question that will have 2 or 3 correct answers to be picked from 5 or 7 options. Understanding the gist or main idea and details is highly important.

Reorder paragraph

Reorder paragraph task will have 2 to 3 paragraphs or 4 to 5 sentences to reorder. The sentences will be of 150 words and you will have to put them into correct order. It contributes to your reading skill and it is all about understanding the meaning and the flow of the sentence beginning to ending.

Fill in the blanks

Here you will be given 4 to 5 straight forward questions that will contribute to your reading skills. Each question will have 3 and 5 blanks with 6 and 8 answers as options. You will have to drag the correct answer into the correct gap. It is to test your usage of collocation and create natural sounding phrases. The texts will be of 80 words short.

Multiple choice: Choose single answers

This task will be similar to the multiple answers as options and will have to circle the right answer. This will contribute scores to your reading skills. The text will have sentences of 100+ words.

PTE Listening Test

For your PTE listening test you have to attend 8 tasks with 12 to 20 questions and 30 to 43 minutes to complete

Summarize Spoken Text

You can take 10 minutes to summarize the 2 to 3 spoken texts after listening carefully. The scores will contribute to listening and writing skills. You will be given a part of lecture or an interview. You will have to prepare a summary of what you heard in 50-70 words. The sentence structure is important here.

Multiple choice, Multiple answers

In this task you will be given 1 or 2 items to contribute just to your listening skills. There will be a question prompt and answer options. You should notice how the answer options are and should pick more than one response. Do not take more than 10 minutes to complete this.

Fill in the blanks

You will be given 2 to 3 items in this task to contribute scores to your listening and writing skills. You should listen to the audio carefully and fill the blanks. Listen to the audio carefully and add the missing note and make sure of the correct spelling and add. You can either type it directly or move the mouse.

Highlight correct summary

This task will contribute points to your listening and reading skill. You might get a video or audio file and 3 or 4 answer options. Do not read and write at the same time but take notes of the points after listening and then highlight the correct answer or eliminate the incorrect information which is not in the video or audio

Multiple choice, Single answer

You will be given 1 or 2 items for this task. It will contribute points just to your listening skills. Here can see question prompt and answer options and you can select only one option as answer. Listen to the prompt pay attention to the gist or detail which is important.

Select missing word

You will be given 1 or 2 audios of 30 seconds to listen and the final word will be replaced by a beep sound and what you have to do is anticipate what is going to be said in other words and complete the sentence.

Highlight incorrect words

You will be given 2 or 3 strange questions. The task will contribute to your listening skills. Here you will see a transcript of an audio. Several words will be different from what the speaker said and you should place your mouse from the left to right as the speaker says the word click the right word that the speaker says.

Write from dictation

This will be your last question type and the last section of the entire exam. You will need to manage your time during the listening section. You will have to attend 3-4 questions on the test day and it contributes to your listening skill and writing skill. Hear a single sentence, listen, and type what you heard exactly make sure it is correct and go next.

Wrap text

If you are willing to immigrate to Australia to pursue your dreams , scoring 79+ in your PTE is mandatory, your efforts without proper practice and preparation will be in vain. PTE Tutorials offers exclusive packages, PTE Tips and PTE preparation methods, and interactive sessions to offer you the best PTE coaching worldwide. Download our app now to practice with a free sample questionnaire.


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