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Business Sectors That Rely Heavily on Tech Logistics

The world is changing fast and emerging technology has created a new sector; namely technical logistics, a fast-growing industry that deals with the handling and installation of highly technical equipment. As you would expect, technical logistics is in demand by many different business sectors and here are just some of them.

Banking & retail – A leading UK white glove logistics company such as TecDis Network would take on ATM installation and maintenance contracts, covering specific geographical areas. The retail sector uses complex inventory and barcode systems, which are installed and maintained by the technical logistics company.

Healthcare & medical – There is a lot of technical equipment in hospitals; MRI and CAT scanners, X-Ray machines and other complex equipment needs to be transported safely and installed at the final destination. A large piece of equipment would typically need final mile delivery from a tech logistics provider; this involves the tech team taking delivery of the equipment near its final destination and handling it to the installation site. Once there, the team carry out the installation and calibrate the equipment ready for its first use.

The fitness sector – State of the art fitness equipment is highly technical and it requires specialist handling and installation, which is where a tech logistics company comes into play. Next time you are pumping iron at your local gym, the equipment was installed by white glove technicians, along with the treadmills and other items. When a new gym is set up the white glove team installs all the fitness equipment and puts it online, ready for use.

Access control – This would be in place at train stations, sports arenas and any place where lots of people attend. Pop concerts, motor racing circuits and major sporting venues are typical locations for access control systems, along with high security workplace environments.

Digital signage and vending machines – We’ve all seen these huge digital advertising screens and touch-screen vending machines, all of which are installed by white glove teams. This equipment is complex, very delicate and requires careful handling.

Telecommunications – Governments often need to set up confidential telecommunication networks for video conferences, which are set up, managed and disassembled by technical logistics teams. If you are interested in VoIP communications, here is some provider information.

Manufacturing – Advanced robotics is very popular in manufacturing plants and as you would expect, this type of machinery needs to be handled and installed by technicians who are approved to work with such equipment. Once the robotic arms and equipment are in place, the system is calibrated and trials can be carried out before the system is set up for production. Many factories are already fully automated and they need white glove maintenance at all times.

As you can see, there are many business sectors that rely on tech logistics and with leading UK white glove logistics providers that are ready and willing to carry out transportation and installation duties, the essential work gets done. Technical logistics is a very busy sector and if you are in need of such a service, Google will help you locate an established UK company.


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