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How Tesla is Leading the Fight Against Global Warming

We have all heard that terrible term ‘global warming’. There are many phrases circulating public discourse today, the world is heating up, the sea levels are rising, and natural catastrophes are increasing in frequency. It is both terrifying and eye opening. The thought that the world is under threat makes us face the idea of our own mortality. This can serve as a deterrent to many people, and it means that they prefer to cast a blind eye to what is happening so that they do not need to think of what could happen. Many large multinational companies are refusing to come to terms with what is happening, and they continue to pump toxic material into the atmosphere. There is one company that is being seen to do its piece. Tesla is making headway and creating innovations that can be used to help reduce the number of toxic materials produced worldwide. In order to examine how Tesla is doing this, we first need to understand what exactly global warming is.

Global warming does what it says on the tin. It refers to the warming, or heating up, of the globe. How does this happen? Well, in our society we use what are known as fossil fuels to engage in our everyday lives. In order to drive, heat our homes, consume the products we love to consume, and to do almost anything, we need to compromise by using fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable forms of energy that release carbon when burned. These carbon emissions, when released on the scale that we have been releasing them, are incredibly harmful to the environment. They puncture holes in the earth’s atmospheric layer, allowing more of the sun’s rays to enter. This has the knock-on effect of heating up the globe. So, how are Tesla fighting to stop this?

Solar Energy

One of the biggest contributing factors to global warming is the heating of our homes. The carbon footprint of a country is largely decided by the use of energy in the individual home. Most homes today run off non-renewable energy. However, there are many homes which are making the switch to a solar based system. Tesla is making this switch easier with Tesla Powerwall batteries for your home. These batteries are much more effective than the standard solar panel. This is the case for many reasons. To begin with, the Powerwall acts as a sort of backup generator. Should there be a failure in the power of your home, the Tesla Powerwall will use the excess solar energy that it has been storing. The standard solar panel does not have this capability which is why many people have been sceptical of its integration. To add to this, the Powerwall will dramatically reduce your energy spending over the long run. If you do not yet own a house, then this article may be of more use to you.

Global warming is a serious matter. If we work together, we can change the course that the world is currently on. However, this is not easy. It will require everyone to work together for the greater good. To educate yourself further on the topic of sustainable building, visit this site.


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