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How to Declutter Your Home: An Informative Guide

According to the American Cleaning Institute, over 90% of Americans engage in some type of spring cleaning. Are you one of these people?

Maybe it’s a chance to get rid of allergens around the house. Perhaps it’s a chance to do a deep clean. For some of you, it’s a chance to declutter your home.

Do you have piles of things all-around your house? Do you find yourself buying things you know you have but can’t locate when you need them? Lucky for you, spring isn’t the only time to declutter—decluttering can be done at any time of year.

Ready to get your house in order, but not sure about the best way to declutter and organize your things? Keep reading for our best decluttering and organization tips.

Set Aside Time to Declutter Your Home

Once you’ve decided it’s time for some decluttering and organizing around your house, it’s important to plan time for this activity. In most cases, it can’t be done all at once.

Try to do a little bit every day, whatever amount will fit into your schedule. Even five or ten minutes every day will get the ball rolling. If you can, make a goal for your time, such as cleaning out a particular drawer or taking care of a particular space.

Get the whole family involved. Assign an area for everyone. Even the younger members of your household can get in on the action and pick up things that are out of place.

Designate Containers for Sorting

As you declutter, you may want to get rid of junk as you organize the things you’re keeping. It may be helpful to have different containers in which to sort items as you work. Consider these categories:

  • Keep
  • Fix
  • Recycle
  • Trash
  • Donate

Things in the Keep container can go back where they belong, while things in the Fix container can be repaired before putting them back in their spot. Separate containers for Trash and items to Recycle can ensure those get to the right place. Finally, duplicate and gently used but no longer needed items can go in the Donate container to be dropped off at your local donation center.

Storage for the Win

Once you’re down to the stuff you want to keep, it’s time for a little home organization. Everything needs a place to go. You may need to be creative in what you choose for storing your things.

First, assess both the types of things you have and the locations you have for storing things. This will help you determine whether to purchase modular storage, bins, shelves, or some other type of storage container. Ottomans or blanket boxes can be multi-purpose and serve as both storage and seating.

Tie your storage into your decor by matching colors or designs.

If you have items you want to keep, but don’t need year-round, you may want to consider a self-storage unit. If you’re in Kent County, MI, check out storage units in Kentwood, MI.

Organize in Zones

It can be helpful to organize your things in zones. In the kitchen, for example, store all the condiments in one place and all the cereal in another. There can be one place for all the pots and pans and another for all your glasses.

This can work in all the rooms of your house and can save you time when you’re trying to find something. As long as you’ve created zones and stored your things accordingly, you’ll know right where to look.

Keeping Things Organized

After you’ve taken the time to declutter your home, you’ll want to keep it in shape. Set aside a time every week to shift stuff that’s gotten out of place back to its spot. You can even create bins for this purpose, putting them in strategic places around the house.

Don’t forget to get all the members of your household on board! If you all work together to first declutter the house, work together to maintain it.

If you found our decluttering tips helpful, be sure to search our site for more tips on making your home a happy and healthy place to be.


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