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How to Prepare Your Property for a Home Viewing

You’re going to be selling your house soon. It’s served you well over the years, but it’s time for a change. You’re going to be moving to a new area for work.

That means you need to get rid of your place in a hurry. That’s going to be hard to do if you don’t prepare it for a home viewing. If you don’t take the time to declutter and depersonalize, buyers aren’t going to be able to see themselves in the space.

The good news is getting things ready for a house viewing isn’t too difficult. We’re here to walk you through the process. Keep reading to learn more.

Get Things Cleaned Up

If Wake County Home Buyers step into a messy space, they’re going to want to leave ASAP. Think about how hard you clean when you’re having guests over and go a step beyond that.

Take out the garbage, clean out your cabinets, and put all your extra furniture in storage somewhere. Out of all the rooms, you want to focus the bulk of your efforts on the kitchen.┬áIt’s the part of the house that people pay the most attention to.

Make sure that the countertops are clean enough to eat off of and mop those sticky floors.

Pay Attention to Your Curb Appeal

When it comes to posting a home for sale, first impressions are everything. That means you’ve got to work on your curb appeal. Mow your lawn.

During the winter, you don’t want a homebuyer to have to walk through a few feet of snow to get to the front door. Shovel it out of your driveway.

Leaves are gorgeous to look at during the fall, but you still need to rake them up. Trim your bushes back and make sure to put all your lawn tools away.


Homebuyers want to be able to see themselves in a house. It’s hard for them to do that if you have a bunch of your personal belongings scattered about the space.

Preparing a home for viewing involves putting all your family photographs away. If you have any heirlooms displayed, pack them up.

If you have any distracting furnishings, place them in storage. Many sellers paint their walls neutral colors to depersonalize the space.

Set the Right Temperature

You want those viewing your home to be as comfortable as possible throughout their stay. Nobody wants to step into an 80 degree home in the middle of the summer.

Vice versa, nobody wants to walk into a 60-degree house during the winter. Buyers should be able to get instant relief from the weather.

Get Your Space Ready for a Home Viewing

If you want to get rid of a place ASAP, you’re going to have to pay special attention to your home viewing. If buyers step into a cluttered home or need a machete to cut through your grass so they can get to your front door, it’s not going to make a good impression.

Get things cleaned up and get an experienced realtor on your side to get your home sold. For more tips that will help you with the selling process, visit the Lifestyle section of our blog.


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