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Personal Loan: How to take personal loan from Aadhar Card- Know about Online ways

We’ll show you how to apply for a personal loan of lakhs of rupees funded by your Aadhaar card so that it doesn’t put you in a tough situation when emergencies arise.

Do you know why your Aadhar card is so important? If not, then today take the time to find out. The aadhaar card can provide access to loans from both banks and private institutions. That’s something you might not have known before this.So today you will learn the process of applying for a personal loan through your Aadhaar card, an online process. Now you can get up to Rs 25 lakh without any hassle, even when you need it in a hurry.

At the same time, it is mandatory for you to have the correct details of your Aadhar card as the only necessary identity proof. With this identity proof, you can apply for a personal loan in select banks. Banks do not require any collateral or security for personal loans so there is no need to worry about your property being seized by the bank if you fail to pay them

Your Aadhaar card or PAN card will let you apply for loans and personal loans instantly with different documents.

Notably, Aadhaar is accepted as proof of identity when identifying users for various public and financial services in India, including lending. This allows the lender to verify the applicant’s identity with fingerprints or their Aadhaar card details. Personal loan seekers can now apply for loans quicker and more conveniently by using electronic application and their personal Aadhaar card. See how:

The mobile app and website of the bank you have an account with or where you want to apply for a personal loan can both be downloaded here.

  • Enter your information per Bank’s procedure
  • Go into category and move to Loan Section, select the personal loan option
  • Just before that understand and see if you are eligible to apply for the loan
  • Click on Apply Now Button
  • To fill in the application form, please write the required details such as:
  • You will get the call from Bank on your the details verified
  • You will be asked to upload a copy of your Aadhar card
  • Once you verify your Aadhaar card and other details, the bank will approve your loan.

Eligibility for Personal Loan

To be eligible, an individual must have a good to excellent credit score. The app can only be opened by someone who’s 23 to 60 years old, is a citizen of India, has a government or private job and has an eligible credit score.


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