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Things to Consider While Choosing Blue Sapphire

People are often duped when it comes to purchasing genuine gemstones. You can purchase a genuine blue sapphire stone that may or may not be synthetic. There are a few elements to consider in order to discover the perfect gem that is both pure and real.

Blue sapphire, also known as Neelam in Hindi, is one of the most stunning gemstones available. Because it belongs to the planet Saturn, it is a fast-acting gemstone. This is how you may verify the authenticity of the stunning Blue Sapphire gemstone if you plan to purchase it.

How to Identify While Neelam Stone

  • Check Its Color: 

Despite the fact that a Blue Sapphire comes in a variety of tones and colors ranging from deep blue to light blue, the lighter shades frequently command higher market prices. If you want to buy an unusual Neelam stone, seek one that is pale blue in color.

  • Doubling Effect of Real Stone:

The occurrence of a doubling effect in Sapphire is another red flag. If you examine the Neelam stone and see another layer of a gem, it could be a Benitoite, which looks like a blue sapphire but isn’t the real thing.

  • Look at The Inclusion: 

Foreign minerals or compounds found in gems are known as inclusions. Fine inclusions are thought to exist in all genuine gemstones, proving their authenticity. A gemstone with a lot of inclusions, on the other hand, isn’t worth much. There should be no apparent cracks or chipping on the surface of the Neelam stone.

  • Consider Its Transparency:

Blurred sapphires might not command a high price. This is why they need to be clear on the inside. Take the stone in your hand and see if you can see through it; if you can, it’s a real one.

  • Spots in The Stone:

Your chosen blue sapphire must be free of spots when examined with the naked eye. The purity of sapphire can be determined by the fact that a real sapphire allows a ray of light to travel through it without trouble.

  • The Density of Blue Sapphire:

Another technique to tell if a sapphire is genuine is to look at its density. The bigger the weight of the stone, the higher the blue sapphire price. In the case of synthetic stones, however, this may not be the case.

  • Using Stone Testing Lab:

The final option for determining whether a Neelam stone is genuine or not is to take it to a gem lab and have it tested. If it is established in the report that the gemstone is fake, the lab’s certificate can be taken to any court and a case can be made against the jeweler or the business.

Now that you know how to identify a genuine blue sapphire, it’s critical to find a reputable and legitimate gemstone supplier with a long track record of providing only genuine and certified gemstones.

Also, make sure you acquire all of the documentation from the gemstone vendor, including the authenticity certificate, so you can have the peace of mind you need when investing in a costly stone like a Sapphire.

These are some things that you can consider while you buying real blue sapphire.


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