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10 Romantic Restaurants to Dine in on your Paris Honeymoon

Everyone comes to Paris to confess love, so how are you different? What can you do to make sure that your partner also falls for you in the city of love? Well, we might have the solution; we have listed 10 romantic restaurants to dine in on your Paris honeymoon. Our list will help you in showing your love that you are doing something different to confess how much you love them. So scroll down and pick your best. 

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1. Benoit

This restaurant’s centre is created of wood, brass fittings, and all the conventional wealthy set of the history. Incidentally, this cafe finished 100 years in 2012 and is the bare cafe in Paris to have a Michelin Star. Benoit is one of the greatest romantic diners in Paris and is a must visit on your Paris honeymoon packages.  

Attended by Alain Ducasse, this classy yet luxurious cafe organises food in a formal way which is inscribed by gorgeous demonstration, richness and proportion. 

2. Jules Verne

This signature Parisian diner, found on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, greets you with a romantic and beautiful environment where you can experiment with their specialities.

Alain Ducasse, one of the most popular cooks in the world, is the reason for the popularity of the restaurant. Still, not everything here is essentially food; Jules Verne gives one of the most incredible pictures of the town. Be it day or evening, the impression through the planks is astonishing.

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3. La Grande Cascade

It is situated in the soul of the Bois de Boulogne; the Grande Cascade is one of the most romantic restaurants in Paris as well as one of the emblems of Paris.

This Michelin-starred diner, whose furnishings date around the nineteenth century, was most loved by Napoleon III. It now greets its consumers in a retro-modern environment that prompts you of the elegance of Old.

The raw and high-quality components, as well as the aptitude of the cook Fréderic Robert, concludes in tasty and intricate dishes which will fascinate you. We suggest you try the favourites of the restaurant, such as the macaroni with celery root, foie gras and black truffle or the veal sweetbreads with slightly salted butter.

4. La Bauhinia

La Bauhinia restaurant, placed in the 16th district, was motivated by the blossom of a similar name, and will give you French and Asian dishes, honouring the flavours of each area.

In a beautiful and peaceful environment, La Bauhinia persuades you to survive an experience that will settle all your feelings to the examination.

Savour a tasty feast in a room full of sunshine, thanks to the grand glass dome straight above your head.

Visit and savour one of the specials of cook Christophe Moret, and if you’re a true gastronomist, don’t lose the French-Asian brunch readied by the pastry cook Michaël Bartoletti.

5. Verjus

Placed in a social neighbourhood, these fashionable Paris romantic diners are beautiful and varied at the same time. Even if you do glimpse a whiff of British and American styles of cooking, it maintains its allure and gives you a feast that is nicely worth your cash. 

This restaurant began in a flat called Hidden Kitchen, and after it increased enormous press favour, it evolved into a full-fledged one. Now, it is one of the most charming eateries in Paris and is very famous among couples and foodies.

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6. Le 58 Tour Eiffel

How about dinner at the Eiffel Tower? Le 58 Tour Eiffel is located on the first floor of the tower and gives the least tidy furnishings so that one can sense the elegance and design of the tower in all its brilliance. Very chic and sophisticated, this is the most romantic restaurants in Paris to die for!

You need to try their unique containers for lunch and dinner that give exceptional value for money, fabulous food and refined wines.

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7. Le Cinq

Each season yields a unique menu here, but whichever one you are going in, let us show you the menu will be heavenly, and so would be the ambience. Rich Parisian furnishings with paintings and abundance all around would welcome you as you take your lover on a wonderful date here.

It is one of the several eateries in Paris, which gives marvellous French cuisine simultaneously with European pleasures; feel open to revel in your preferences here or go for some classic French recipes. Everything is deserving of the money spent.

8. La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant

The fact that this establishment is so famous does not certainly come from the lip-smacking seafood it serves, although it does give well-roasted king prawns or delicate salmon crowned with mango and chive. Instead, this barge diner is a long-held favourite as it shows off a stunning area beneath the stunning design of Notre Dame. 

Of course, you don’t have to eat at Michelin-starred diners to have the most incredible date and find out the fun of eating in Paris. La Nouvelle Seine is an excellent option when you think about romantic feasts. 

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9. Dans le Noir?

The notion is that you can reconnect with your taste buds and with your outing without being distracted by your surroundings. The theory is so anomalous that it’s been sketched throughout the planet. How many romantic moments are wrecked by tourists peeking at their phones, for instance? There’s no possibility of that episode here as light is illegal, which earns for a decent start.

What could be further romantic, pleasing, and magical than having a date in exact sadness, conveying only by sense? Dans le Noir? is an unusual sensory experience that wakes your feelings and encourages you to reassess your awareness. It’s also one of the great basic dining occasions in Paris you could discover, with not a glow in pictures. 

10. Le Dali Restaurant

Its thoughtful insides illustrate impressive Louis XVI décor and have been fascinating couples for centuries. Nonetheless, the thrills of this fort don’t stop at generous methods; it broadens to dinner as well. The hotel’s two Michelin-starred diners quoted in Salvador Dalí’s honour is a real indulgence, the excellent outlet to establish a date. For centuries, it’s ratified a status for generous recreation, with lengthy feasts lingering from eight in the dusk until early next morning.

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Pick one of the above romantic restaurants in Paris and enchant your partner with not only your love but the restaurant surroundings. You can find love everywhere in Paris but to go on a date, you should choose a restaurant that makes your partner remember you even if things go downhill. So are you ready to explore these gems on your Paris honeymoon? Let your partner fall for you all over again.


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