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How Does Stress Impact Male and Female Infertility?

One might have to face several problems in life. Sometimes, these problems help people to grow even stronger and harder and they strengthen their nerves and body according to the hardships to keep competing with them. However, some problems are purely mental and leave great impacts on your brain and overall body. These are the problems which can lead you to go under stress.

Stress is a widely used word in our daily routine along with many similar words like depression, etc. However, sometimes the stress might be prolonged and could result in many disorders in the body. Infertility might also be one of those disorders, however, the researches are not completed yet regarding this. Infertility and stress have some deep relation with each other.

The couples who are infertile and don’t take a proper male or female infertility treatment, or fail to conceive a baby even after taking could surely become stressed. But this means that stress is actually due to infertility, and you can conclude that the reason behind infertility is not stress. However, the debate never ends there, as many aspects show that being stressed due to some other reasons could make you infertile.

Stress doesn’t need to be directly causing infertility, as many other changes that could take place in your body due to stress might lead you to infertility. Following are some aspects in which stress could impact male and female infertility. Let’s have a discussion about them.

Impact Via Changing the Sleep Durations

The first impact that stress causes in any human being is to alter sleep times. Two types of trends could be shown by people in this case. Some people keep on spending sleepless nights in case of any depression or stress. This affects the overall body performance. Meanwhile, some people tend to sleep more and more in case of any tension or stress. This situation is even worse than the previous one.

But the main thing is that both sleeping higher and shorter than an average sleep time of almost 7 hours could have a great impact on your fertility. The people who sleep less could have a chance of decreased fertility by almost 2.5 percent. And those who sleep more than 7 or 8 hours could have 4.5 percent chances or even more. If you are already pregnant, then it could lead to miscarriage as well.

Effect Via Diet

The next impact on stress is on your diet. Most of the time people decrease their diet in case of any stress. It results in a low supply of nutrients to the body and leads to infertility. However, in some cases, people keep on eating food that is no longer able to keep you healthy. It means that they start eating junk foods. And the ultimate impact of it is on your fertility by disturbing your body weight and nutrient composition.

Alcohol Consumption

Research has shown that stress leads to increased consumption of alcohol in people. And there is no need to mention how dangerous alcohol is for your overall body performance and especially for your fertility. This could result in infertility and in pregnant people, a single glass of it could lead to many complications during birth.

Direct Impact on the fertility

This direct impact involves the alterations in hormones. These alterations take place only due to stress, however, the other outputs of stress such as alcohol consumption, sleeplessness, smoking, etc. could boost up the process. This results in the lower quality and quantity of sperms with each ejaculation. The same impacts happen to females’ eggs as their development is not complete and it’s not able to get fertilized.


No clear pieces of evidence have been yet found that can show that stress is directly causing infertility. However, its indirect relations are enough to make you infertile. So try to remain stress-free and in case you are having some fertility-related issues take an IUI treatment in Lahore. This would help you to conceive a baby. And as a result, you can stay away from the stress that occurs due to infertility and make the situations even more complicated. Exercising, and taking enough rest is the best way to release stress.


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